I finally decided to join the bandwagon. I have receiving many requests to share my room on my blog. I am not ready to share my bed or my entire room because I need to add some finishing touches, such as buying a new duvet. Everything must be presented well and I feel my white duvet is not awesome enough to share lol.
When it comes to my style, I do not have a category that I stick to. I have decorated my parent’s home and I even did the floor plan but my room shows my taste. I like simplicity. I like indie. I like elegance. I like mixing different random things together and I like to organize clutter together. Almost everything you see were purchased at TJ MAXX, Target, and Goodwill.
I have taken different photos of my room and these are the best ones. I hope you feel inspired and can get some decor tips from my decor.
DSC_0039 DSC_0026
Above my bed frame, some photos are framed of my best friends, sisters, roommate, and of myself.
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5 Responses to MY ROOM

  1. Wow you've created an amazing space dear! Love how little detail is take care of, that skull vase is to die for, and also love how you keep you watched on the tray, really pretty!Cee. ♥

  2. love your room! cannot wait to see more photos :)

  3. Laura says:


  4. Clara Turbay says:

    well done! nice work!@paquetevistasbi

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