By far, the best place of day to capture photos are at sunset. Frequently my wonderful photographer has found the perfect spots to capture my outfit shots. If you live in Orange County, you will discover  it is not tough to guess where this location was shot. 
The sunset makes the photos more warm and peaceful. During sunset I like to wear something vibrant that the sunset can reflect off of. I purchased this vibrant hat from Khol’s. It was $45 but I found it on sale for only $12.99. What a bargain! I also wore this H&M striped t-shirt in New York, for the first time. My sister purchased it for $3.00 from Goodwill. The beautiful booties are Joan & David. Regular retail price for the suede leather booties were $250, but I grabbed them for only $60.00 at Nordstrom’s Rack. As for the lovely bag, it is real leather and I only paid $29.99 for it. I was lucky to catch it before the sale ended, two winter’s ago.
Not everything you wear has to be expensive. I love making looks affordable and to share with you all my bargain finds. Name brands are not necessarily found only at department stores, they can also be found at discount stores such as, TJ Maxx, Nordstrom’s Rack, Marshalls, and Ross. You would also be surprised at how many great buys you will find at Goodwill. One man’s trash, could be another man’s treasure ;).
DSC_0684 Edit
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2 Responses to TOP IT OFF

  1. Kholá says:

    Fabulous hat….and boots too :-)

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