When shopping, I love looking for deals and items I can mix and match. Whether the item is worn to a wedding, the beach, or to work, I love mixing casual with formal. For me, there is no limit, as long as I do not over-do the look; simplicity is beautiful.
Now about my camouflage t-shirt, I purchased it from the men’s department at Target specifically for a Pajama top. However, one morning I rushed out of bed for an appointment, and I really liked how the overall look turned out, minus the hair lol. Hence, I sleep and work in this top. 
I also purchased another t-shirt from the men’s department at Target. I cannot wait to show you what I put together. You will not be able to even recon it is my boyfriend’s t-shirt.
T-Shirt: Target (Men’s Department- $15.99)/ Pants: Zara (Sale- $69.99)/ Blazer: Zara (Sale- $39.99)/ Handbag: Zara (Sale- $110.00)/ Rings: TJ Maxx ($29.99)/ Heels: Christian Louboutins/ Necklace: Forever21 ($8.00)/ Sunnies: Kate Spade
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2 Responses to MIXING IT UP

  1. Carmen says:

    Great combination!xxwww.clothesandcamera.com

  2. I love that combination, that tee is really cute!

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