Weekend Rain

DSC_0927 Glitter
DSC_0912 Glitter
DSC_0913 Glitter
DSC_0940 GLitter
DSC_0967 Glitter
DSC_0975 copy 2
Outfit: Dress: Forever21/ Jacket: Pimkie/ Booties and Beanie: ZARA
On the set of yesterday’s shoot, it was freaken chilly! Then it hit me, I am going to New York in one week..!! I did not plan any outfits. In fact, I did not shop for any looks. I am freaking out. I need some statement pieces but online shopping is not doing me justice. Not only is the outfits freaking me out but also the weather in New York.

I am spoiled. In California it is warm year round. When Californians say it is freezing, it means that it is a low of 40 degrees outside. That’s the coldest it gets, unless you live near the beach and the breeze just knocks you out. Then you will have you mother, grandmother, aunts, and sisters on the phone complaining how freezing it is, when in reality, it is not that bad. That leaves me to my confused state of mind: I need a Ginnie to step in and make everything fine again.
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3 Responses to Weekend Rain

  1. Really nice!!! I love it!!!

  2. Laura says:

    Nice beanie!XXhttp://LAuralexo.blogspot.com

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