City View


DSC_1028 j
Top: ZARA/ Wax Pants: ZARA/ Sneakers: Michael Kors/ Necklace: Forever21

These photos are my favorite that I have ever taken! The sunset was absolutely stunning. They were taken after the rain ceased in Orange County. You can also see the sun rays were shining behind me and the pollution overlooking the city. 
 This look is for my casual days. It is also an outfit I like to wear when I shop, or go to work and run errands. Like I mentioned in my other blog post, these MK sneakers are so comfy and perfect to wear when heels will not do.
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3 Responses to City View

  1. Christina says:

    indeed the sky is perfect after the rain! and the photos are very very good!loving this outfit of yours!

  2. Wow the view up there is breath taking, and so is the light! These pics are really lovely. Hello cool sneakers, they are show stoppers!Cee. ♥

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