Jacket: Michael Kors Handbag: Michael Kors/ Top: ZARA/ Pants: ZARA/ Booties: ZARA/ Hat: ZARA

I have been obsessed with Zara for a couple of years now- as you can tell from most of my wardrobe. However,  I have found some amazing finds at Michael Kors. I love bargains and do not buy something expensive, unless I can put it to use often or if the quality is superb. In this matter, the fur coat I purchased from Michael Kors is just perfect. It has been so cold in Los Angeles this winter and I always asked myself when I would need a coat, well people, I need one for this cold winter. By the way, I got it on sale, so do not go running and pointing fingers. Every girl needs a fur coat. Well have a wonderful week everyone!

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  1. amazing look, dear! :)

  2. Carmen says:

    Great jacket!!

  3. Christina says:

    great outfit girl!ps ZARA is huge obsession indeed!!!!!!!

  4. Amazing the coat!xx

  5. ANDYSTYLE says:

    love this look 🙂

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