Top: Nevarii/ Skirt: H&M ($5)/ Heels: ZARAWoman ($30)/ Arm Accessories: Nevarii/ Sunnies: H&M ($8)

“A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous- Coco Chanel.” This post is very personal in the sense that I will be giving my personal opinion on personal style. Classy elegance is a necessity. Looking chic when you leave outside your home is very critical, yes critical. You should dress properly. If you ask me what “properly” means I refer to dressing like you would go meet up a man you have a crush on- I do not think you would look like you just stepped out of bed, or at least you should not think that way. What people see is what impression they will make and that is critical. Always look your best and leave home looking fabulous.

Now if you ask where did I get this fabulous top from, I got it from Nevarii boutique. I love the store! They have such beautiful apparel, accessories, and iPhone 4 phone covers. You can check them out here: Nevarii.

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5 Responses to STUDDED COLLAR

  1. ~Jeimy~ says:

    gorgeous neautrals you look amazing

  2. Christine says:

    love this pastel colour outfit!

  3. You are stunning, I love the soft color combination.

  4. Anna says:

    Gorgeous, what a stunning outfit. I love the

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