DSC_0307 copy

Leather Pants: ZARA (old collection)/ Top: Nevarii/ Clogs: ZARA (old collection)/ Bangle: Nevarii/ Necklace: Forever2/ Bag: Vintage
Running around town trying to find the perfect spot for this look while also spotting somewhere healthy to grab a quick meal is quite utterly difficult! That is exactly what I was doing because I did not want the sun to go away completely, but it quickly crept behind the buildings and within a few minutes it disappeared in the night sky. 
This look my friends reminds me of the black swan. I got the dress from Nevarii, however I paired it with leggings because quite honestly, I do not have supermodel legs and I do not even care to have a pair. The back of this top has beautiful detail of lace and is perfect to wear without a bra. The two front pockets cover the unwantudness but if you can tell then you have perfect vision, if not then I’m glad!
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5 Responses to BLACK ON BLACK

  1. love the top :)

  2. Despina T. says:

    i love total blacks!amazing look 🙂 i adore the shoes and the top.

  3. you look great!

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