Sunnies: Ray Ban Wayfarer/ T-Shirt: Zara/ Wax Pants: ZARA/ Purse: ZARA/ Heels: ZARA/ Vest: No Brand/ Accessories: Forever21/ Watch: Michael Kors
Today I went to lunch with one of my best friends, Camy; which is also my blog photographer. We went for macrons at Merely Sweets in Downtown Brea. They are delicious; if you haven’t gone yet, you must go.
I wore an outfit from Zara, minus the vest. I bought the wax pants a while ago and finally wore them. I really like the fit, they also have them in multiple colors. Zara also has different pairs of wax pants and they fit great.

***Style tip: always pair your look with a vest, cardigan, or blazer. By just adding a piece of outerwear, the outfit looks more intriguing and less boring!***

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23 Responses to WAX CONDITIONS

  1. Dale Janeé says:

    OMG, this outfit is incredible and I love all your gold detail. You look great!Following you now on twitter tooxoDalewww.savvyspice.com

  2. I have just discovered your blog and definitely love it. You’re in my daily reads nowSo, i’m your newest follower! Do you want to follow me back? xo♥HeelsAreMyDrugs♥♥HeelsAreMyDrugs♥

  3. Your photos look GREAT! Congrats on the new photographer! I love the wax pants and this whole edgy look! The bangles really pull it all together!

  4. I must tell you that I love clicking on your blog and seeing your title. It's so fierce, love it!This outfit is so amazing. You look like you could kick someone's butt and still look fab. I love how you accessorized and that gold watch is adorable. I have the same one so maybe I'm biased. : )Vonae Deyshawnwww.myvirtueplace.com

  5. You pants are awesome, I love the zippers :).

  6. NtyShana says:

    Love your outfit,u look fabwww.shana-style.blogspot.com

  7. Britt+Whit says:

    love this look! the pants and the gold accessories are such a perfect match!love from San Francisco,Britt+Whit

  8. seszen says:

    pants are really great and i love your bling blings :)www.seszenatmidnight.blogspot.com

  9. ashleighjoan says:

    Ohhh, great style. Love the gold accents. Those pants are amazing.

  10. Morbid Angel says:

    ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!!!! FOLLOWING U NOW….I'D LOVE IT IF U'D FOLLOW ME BACK.. ;)http://lifewidmorbid.blogspot.com/

  11. Love the vest! I haven't tried these waxed pants yet was kind of afraid to but they look so great on you I think I will!Thanks for commenting on my blog! xxjoiedevivre5.blogspot.com

  12. Vivi K says:

    Pretty! Your outfit gives off such a great feminine rocker vibe! Love it!www.vivikstyle.blogspot.com

  13. wow this is a great outfit! the gold jewellery is so nice with this simple but very chic outfit, wonderful!i love it! would you perhaps be interested in following each other?xxx Anita

  14. fashion kats says:

    Love the look! The gold appointments make the look super elegant!xohttp://www.fashionkats.blogspot.com/

  15. Amazing look ! 🙂 Your clock is gorgeous, Where them you buy please ??:)

  16. Nikki says:

    You look lovely! The gold accessories are beautiful:) xx

  17. Hi lovelies! Thanks for the comments, means a ton to me :)heartfromcosmetics- the watch is Michael KorsXo,Beatrice :***

  18. eLi says:

    I've seen the red Hunters and they are gorgeous! In fact, when I bought mines, I didn't know which ones choose: if the black or the red ones!My next hunters probably would be or pink or red ;)Thank you for your comment! I liked your look :)xoxoeLi

  19. San says:

    I love the post! Especially the first skirt that pretty!

  20. Fowzee says:

    love the outfits , great style

  21. Burkha says:

    Wow!! this outfit is so good! I would totally wear it…so elegant and rocker.BTW your blog is so so lovely! I will follow right now. and thanks for stoping by mine ;)Besos!!

  22. madzia says:

    everything is great 🙂 great look 🙂

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