Plunging Polka dots

Dress: Urban Outfitters/ Belt: Vera Wang Lavender Label/ Clogs: ZARA/ Sweater: H&M/ Tights: Target/ Clutch: ZARA/ Hat: Forever 21/ Watch: Michael Kors

How is everyone’s new year going? Mine is going quite well. One of my close friends is in town from out of state and we have been doing so many fun things around town. The weather is also beautiful so I decided to wear this dress I bought last summer. The polk-a-dots are in for the spring season and I just incorporated some sheer tights with my favorite black platforms to give it a winter look. I also am currently in love with the colorful trend burgundy. I bought this hat from Forever21 for $12 and I’m planning on wearing it with more outfits in the new future. If you were also wondering about the nail polish color, it is: Deep Red by Victoria’s Secret.

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35 Responses to Plunging Polka dots

  1. CessOviedo says:

    You were born to wear hats! So elegant and chic! Cess O. ❤ The Outfit Diaries

  2. I've always loved big hat. Now I'm going to have to check Forever 21 too so I can get on. Love the color. Well this outfit is great for the season and very chic!Great post! Keep it up :)toppedoffwitharedhat.blogspot.comCheck out my blog for updated post! xoxo, Amanda

  3. flavia says:

    cute hat! love it

  4. Rhe Beep says:

    I love it! You look amazing in hats! I am new to the hat world, but I love it. I love your outfit. I am a polka dot lover so I love your dress and tights!

  5. umi says:

    lovely tight and shoes are great!

  6. The hat looks fab on you! Welcome to check out our blog and we can follow eachother on bloglovin if you like.

  7. Miss L says:

    Great outfit. This hat suits you great!

  8. Gorgeous polka dot dress!

  9. Taj Acosta says:

    I love that hat on you! Gorgeous outfit dear! xx

  10. Anaivilo says:

    Oh and you look amazing! I love this outfit,, the dress is really cute! 😀

  11. Diasia says:

    i love this outfit especially the hat!

  12. Hi, your blog is awesome. I really like it. You got a new reader. :)

  13. two birds says:

    i wish i could pull off hats like you! you look fabulous. i also love your shoes!

  14. Jessica says:

    Thanks for your comment, great post! Lovely heels :) Please take a minute to look at my trunkshow;

  15. Dazy says:

    Lovely hat! I'm totally into hats 😀 AND hello burgundy! ;*Lots of love! xoxo ❤

  16. thanks for the lovely comment! cute outfit! i am now following and i would love if you followed back :)))

  17. VANESSA says:

    Thank you for your comment in my blog!!!!The outfit is so stylish!!!! love the hat and the clutch!!!

  18. Kasia M says:

    So cute! I love the hat and the dress! :)Thanks for visiting my blog 🙂

  19. Maca says:

    You're beautiful! love the dots 🙂

  20. hey lovely, i just found your blog and i'm impressed about your great sense of style! love the hat..indeed the whole combo :)would you like to follow each other, this would be a great honour?kisses, melina

  21. I'm adding you to my favorite new blogs. I can't wait to see additional posts you come up with! The Queen of Hearts

  22. I love that dress, so beautiful, so elegant, just like you.

  23. Beautiful look! Loving your hat! Lately I have a major crash on hats! And your chunky heels…well..beyond GORGEOUS!

  24. Very pretty dress and hat! I just found your blog and I think it's really cute! I hope you will be able to check out my blog too, it's a personal style and fashion blog from England. I would love it if you could stop by! Thanks! 🙂 🙂

  25. Caro * says:

    Lovely outfit !! 🙂

  26. Addict Smile says:

    I love your shoes!KissesAnna

  27. -telmasofia says:

    Thanks so much*Modeling is my dream, I love it!You look so cute* awesome!xoxo

  28. TrineK says:

    Fine :-)I love your accessories – the hat and the watch is pretty cool.Is your watch from Michael Kors?

  29. you look great, another awesome hat!!María xx

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