Knitted Wear

Whipping my hair back and forth lol.
Knitted Sweater: Lumiere/ Leggings: Poof/ Sunnies: PRADA/ Wedges: Soda/ Origami necklace: TJMaxx/ Bangle: H&M 
I don’t know about you but I’m loving this outfit. The knitted sweater I’m wearing is from a giveaway I won with I also won a pair of shorts that I will be posting as soon as I wear them. The sunnies I’m wearing are from Prada. They are so adorable and chic. A bug must for every fashion blogger! Well, have an awesome day lovelies! 🙂
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46 Responses to Knitted Wear

  1. Beatrice you are looking so fab- love the sunnies, the sweater, the necklace – excellent outfit x

  2. I love this outfit, especially your sunglasses!

  3. Louisa says:

    your sunglasses are awesome! and i love that necklace!xxx

  4. Jandira says:

    Great outfit and those sun glasses, so cute! love them…

  5. Anula says:

    Gorgeous outfit!! I love your sunnies and shoes!! You look fab!!

  6. April says:

    Love this whole outfit! That sunnies are so great and i'm obsessed with the sweater! Thats amazing you won it!XO

  7. Nari-Elle says:

    i love your sunglasses…gorgeous!!!I think I'm going to buy the same one 😀

  8. Monster! says:

    1.necklace! <33. eyewear! Amazing outfit!love <3

  9. Oh my goodness I looove that sweater!! Great outfit! Of course your sunnies are adorable!! Love love love!

  10. GORGEOUS! :)

  11. CessOviedo says:

    Omg I die for your sunnies! Cool outfit dear.Cess O. ❤ The Outfit Diaries

  12. Everything looks fabulous ! Especially your shoes and the sweater! Xo nadine from It would be a great honour for me if you visit my blog !

  13. Hi! Thank you for follow and coment my blog! I'm happy to have one more followers 🙂 Thanks again! I'll follow you too. Yo have an amazing blog and you look georgeous! Kisses

  14. Gorgeous outfit, I love this laid back look with little bit of edge and bling:) You're beautiful! 🙂

  15. fashionmix says:

    ove your neckace ❤

  16. Joanna says:

    thanks for following me! following back for sure! love the necklace! and you got it from tj maxx! awesome! love the outfit!

  17. Raquel says:

    Your blog is lovely! I am following it! I love your necklace! xDRaquel

  18. Mela says:

    Amazing outfit!! I love your necklace…:)Mela xx

  19. u look super cool, your hair, sunnies all off them…

  20. Wow, I love this knitted jupmer, beautiful!!:Dxxx

  21. adele says:

    Hey Beatrice! Thanks for stopping by my blog & following. Loving the sunnies & your necklace is fabulous xoxoFollowing you too honey!

  22. Jana says:

    I love the sunglasses 🙂

  23. X for Xiu says:

    awww.. I love those Prada sunglasses and those wedges rock!<

  24. Nicole says:

    Wow, the necklace is great!Kisses from Hong Kong,Nicole

  25. Annelie says:

    great Prada shades 🙂

  26. Giulia S. says:

    I love your knit sweater!!! most of all because it shows one shoulder and it's really nice! the necklace is fab!xoxo Giulia

  27. Great look and nice sunnies! XOXO

  28. hun how gorgeous do you look?!! LOVE this look and these photos!!! xxx

  29. Love the sunglasses, thank you so much for following me! Followed back on Bloglovin'!!xx

  30. you look absolutely stunning as always! I have to say I am enjoying the sunglasses very much!

  31. M.A. says:

    you have a wonderful style! It'sso unique :)come to see my blog if u

  32. I like your style.Thanks for the

  33. nakedqueen says:

    hey girl!this is great blogfollow you of course!

  34. Sarah says:

    LOVING your Prada sunnies, they're to die for!!

  35. lesanneespop says:

    i love your look.thanks to visit follow you!kisses from spain

  36. Julia F. says:

    I love the outfit you are wearing today! ANd the pics are perfect! I adore all the knitwear, they are amazing and confortable! I follow you and thanks for leaving a comment in my blog! Kisses

  37. Nice outfit, and congrats on the win! :DI looove your prada sunnies!♥Love the sweater and necklace. :)I love the 2nd pic as well. ♥Thank you for your comment on my sticker post! :)-Eliza

  38. I meant, thank you for your comment on my Akris post. ^^-Eliza

  39. Kel says:

    Your prada sunglasses are pretty amazing!Lots of love from Sydney,x Kelseeing steel magnolias

  40. This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Thank you so much ladies!! You all are so sweet <3Xo,Beatrice

  42. Tania says:

    I don't know what I like more, the necklace or the clasp! BEAUTIFUL!! loving the look :)

  43. You own this sunglasses ? So jealous ! Adore them. Great necklace too.

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