Project Runway Premier

I was honored to attend the Project Runway Premier. It was super fun with friends and fashion. Many celebs were there but I only got a chance to get a snap of the main actress from Orphan and Timothy Luke (He’s so beautiful)! I wore a French Connection outfit that I adore. The ivory silk and texture go perfectly together. Let me know what you girls think about Project Runway. Have an awesome Friday.  
Outfit: French Connection
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15 Responses to Project Runway Premier

  1. This seems so exciting!enter my new giveaway toowww.alifeinthefashionlane.blogspot.comxo

  2. Jandira says:

    OMG you are so luky!!!!!:)

  3. Phuong says:

    you look beautiful and looks like a fun nightTravel in Style

  4. Marissa Joy says:

    Love ur dress! Have a great time! I love PR!

  5. you have an amazing blog!! thank you for your comment, of course I find your posts inspiring and I want to follow you :Dxohttp://

  6. Giulia says:

    it seems an amazing project! and u look like very pretty ^^ i follow you ! kiss

  7. Hi Beatrice! Thanks a lot for your kind comments on my blog sweetie!! I’m also following you now. Hope you come back soon!! By the way, great little whitedress!! ;-)XoxoPatricia

  8. nice dress! I follow you back! xx

  9. Naina says:

    You look so cute! Thanks for being my 1st follower, yay! I'll definitely follow you back 😉

  10. erin.marie says:

    Great dress!

  11. Emma says:

    Love your dress :)!

  12. Chiò says:

    Beatrice you are AMAZING!!!Your blog is fantastic.You made me happy when I saw your comment on my post, thank you very much <3I will keep on following you !

  13. You look great, nice dress, love the necklace, and I love your hair, so cute ♥ :)Thank you for your comment on my recent post! 🙂 ♥-Eliza

  14. Great dress 😀 and that should be a very cool experience! xx

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