Emilio Pucci Spring 2011

 Credits: Style.com
I’m loving this collection!! Although it’s Spring, it’s still good for summer. Emilio Pucci always has amazing prints on his silhouettes but this collection is by far my favorite. I absolutely love the first look. I would love to own that dress He is amazing! Cannot wait to see more of his future collections. What do you guys say?
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18 Responses to Emilio Pucci Spring 2011

  1. Alyssa says:

    I completely agree with you! This collection is amazing! I wish owned the brown and black dresses in my size! Oh, and the orange one! So lovely and chic! All the dresses are amazing! beautyandfashionmashup.blogspot.com-The BF Mashup

  2. aga says:

    Great collection 🙂 Magda Frackowiak looks like a dream!!! 🙂

  3. DeLiz says:

    WOW!!!! Love every single dress…Emilio Pucci is one of the best ever! XOXO Honey and thank you so so so much for your lovely comment :)LiDìhttp://fashiondeliz.blogspot.com

  4. This was one of my fave collections for summer – love the lace up boots – it is so 70's sexy xhttp://fashionandfrank.blogspot.com/

  5. Despina T. says:

    I adore this collection!awesome dresses 🙂

  6. nari says:

    OMG,i love that dresses and especially the look in the 2th and 4th photos-stunning.

  7. Lidiya says:

    These photos are fantastic – I love the collection :)http://cupcakesandtreacle.blogspot.com/

  8. Tereza Anton says:

    That first dress is amazing.

  9. audrey marie says:

    unbelievable collection – that first dress is stunning!

  10. Wow!!! Fantastic dresses! XOxo

  11. Kel says:

    I love me some Pucci!Le sigh.With lots of love from Sydney,x Kel Come see why I 'wear the pants'

  12. Yaary says:

    I think i really really love it!

  13. lamia says:

    Amazing collection, loved all the fabrics prints !!KissesLamiahttp://www.ginger-chocolateandhoney.blogspot.com/

  14. DariaG says:

    In my opinion he has a sophisticated taste like no italian fashion designer has anymore! I can say because I'm Italian and he his just sublime! http://www.thegingerale.blogspot.com

  15. the pucci prints combined with flowy effect make it all too swell!ANDWHATELSEISTHERESHOP

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