Wildfox- The untold story

Credits: Wildfox.com
I love this collection! So much fun and so creative. The styling is so amazing and really shows the Antoinette theme. What do you guys think??

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20 Responses to Wildfox- The untold story

  1. Jandira says:

    hi, just love the pics!!!!great post…xoxojandira-personalstyle.blogspot.com

  2. Love Camie says:

    I love everything! And yes very Marie Antoinette! I especially love the video at the end, super cute!Also, thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment. I really do appreciate it!Love,Camiehttp://lovecamie.blogspot.com

  3. These photos are beautiful, and the models are all gorgeous! I like the video, I saw it before! 🙂 xo

  4. Alina.Dellos says:

    hello! thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment! love your blog too:) I'm sorry, but how can I follow your blog?:)

  5. MM says:

    thank you so much for visiting and following! Follow you back!!!What a lovely blog you have!!!This collection is absolutely gorgeous!!Have a nice day!xoxoxo

  6. Love the combination of modern style and historic decor. Plus, who would have thought that grey hair could be so sexy?!

  7. Antonella says:

    amazing photoshoot, love it so much! great blog and thanks for your nice comment 🙂 im following too, xoxo

  8. The collection is definitely fun and creative as you say :)I love the use of the models as well.

  9. Sarah says:

    Stunning photos. I especially love the last one, it's so elegant.Following on bloglovin.Sarahxwww.almostdelightful.com

  10. Charlotte B says:

    Lovely pics! Love Wildfox so much!! x

  11. Ada says:

    Attitude and luxury!! fab combinationhttp://crisisdearmario.blogspot.com/

  12. i love this fun marie antoinette campaign!:) great post!xx heyrocketgirl

  13. Marella says:

    Amazing pics dear!

  14. omg can wildfox ad campaigns get any better?? i dont think so!!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  15. Paola says:

    answer:thanks for your lovely comment!!!I'm very happy you visit my blog!;Dhttp://paolinasspace.blogspot.com

  16. Vivienne says:

    this is amazing shoot & styling!!!! x

  17. 国文 says:

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. Vale ♥ says:

    Hi Beatrice, you are lovely and so is your blog ! I'd like us to follow each other ! I cannot find the google friend connect button. I am following you with Bloglovin then and I'd like you to follow with google friend connect 🙂 KissesFashion and Cookies

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