Benedict Castle

My sister Eunicia with MyBrunetteWorld blog.
Hi Lovelies! This was for my friends engagement party. It was at a beautiful castle which I enjoyed touring. I’m defiantly going to go back and do more photoshoots there in the future. My favorite photo is the one by the lighten tree. It was such a romantic setting. The food was also so delicious! We had healthy chicken with amazing veggie mix. For dessert we had french vanilla ice cream with strawberries and blueberries, topped with a mint leave for decoration. Thanks for reading my post and enjoy! 🙂
Dress: Maggy London
Shoes: BCBG
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17 Responses to Benedict Castle

  1. Kristen says:

    you look gorgeous! the place where the party was held looks really nice toothank you so much for your comments : )

  2. Hannah says:

    You look sooo elegant in that shimmery gray dress 🙂 Love how you put your hair up too, by the way.. I don't think I've ever seen anyone wear a tall bun as prettily as you do 🙂

  3. Emily says:

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments, you look stunning!!x

  4. you look stunning! And amazing pictures, can't wait to see some more from that place. My favorite is also the one by the lighten tree. So romantic! :)xx

  5. You look absolutely lovely – love your hair up, the colour and cut of the dress are so good on you – stunning x

  6. Sonia says:

    such a nice dress and your hair is just amazing!:) and thanks a lot for commenting :)<3

  7. L.T. says:

    The last picture is so pretty.

  8. Adripé. says:

    Thank you for warn me, I must forget press the button "follow" :Sxxxxxxxxxadri

  9. Kacie says:

    Totally lovely!

  10. cla-sib says:

    great dress and ice cream with strawberries looks soooooo yummyxx

  11. April says:

    You and your sister both look gorgeous! Thats an amazing engagement party!xo

  12. holy cow your hair looks stunning!<3 steffySteffys Pros and Cons

  13. gorgeous as always! and the ice cream looks yummy! looks like such a beautiful place.

  14. Gorgeous photo's! love how you did your hair too.

  15. Renée says:

    wow you remind me of Blair Waldorf in these photos 😉 xo

  16. Dinii says:

    ou WOW! The lighted trees♥your look was really beautifull like your blog:)

  17. Found your blog through Miss T's Place! Love it! So cute! 🙂 I am a new follower :)Follow me too! Denise

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