And so there were brunettes

IMG_1708 Edited

Belt: H&M
Top: Forever21
Slacks: Forever21
Accessories: H&M
I have been brunette for a while now but I finally posted a few pictures of me brunette hair. It took a lot of thought and I finally decided to try a new color. I absolutely loved my blonde hair but I needed a change and I wanted to try something spontaneous. I haven’t been brunette since 2009 and then I had beautiful long hair which I miss more than anything right now but I’m not worried since my hair grows so fast (thank God)! Well this shoot was taken by my best friend Alyssa and I am wearing mostly Forever21, minus the accessories. I love to find great deals but I also am a big shopper for quality. I HATE polyester and I will not purchase it for the life of me. Ok I lied- only if I see a cute top that I cannot live without. I rather buy a bigger quantity of clothing of good quality at a great price than buy a small quantity of goods that are the same material. Sometimes you get what you pay for and to me that is very important but in Los Angeles you have to know where all the excellent deals are at and with that, I’m an expertise ;-). I would love some feedback on what you guys think about my new color.. It is a big change for me and although I already adapted, I would like to know for future references. Thanks for reading my blog.
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4 Responses to And so there were brunettes

  1. love your hair, and that very cute bow belt

  2. You look gorgeous! Sorry, my mango post was taken down because something is wrong. Something to do with it having too many pictures I think! I hope to fix the problem soon! Loved the pic I took of you and your sis!xoxo,

  3. Nubia says:

    great top! I also really like the pants =)

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