Alyssa Michelle Nicolai

Photo credits: Alyssa Michelle Photography and her sister Amy.
I wore a KENAR tank top which I love love love! It’s so simple but the silver chains on top add such nice details to the shirt. I paired the shirt with some leggings I bought from Europe at New Yorker, a great store! Along with the shirt and leggings I wore a blazer from Express which is so cute which the top and the grey Ankle heels I bought from ALDO about two years ago. I never wear them but I finally put them to use for this shoot. With that, I must add that I am a collector.. I buy cute and high heels and never wear them after two times! I know, it’s a shame so I won’t make any excuses but I’ll make a promise to myself that I will put them to use more. 

Top: Kenar
Blazer: Express
Heels: ALDO
Watch: D&G TIME
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One Response to Alyssa Michelle Nicolai

  1. Sabrina O. says:

    Gorgeous! I love your blazer!xx

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