iPhone 4G

photo 449
Vikkis Septmber Birthday 4photo 450
Vikkis September Birthday
Vikkis Septmber Birthday 3
Vikkis Septmber Birthday 2
This night was so much fun! I took these photos at my friend Vikki’s birthday party, which was held at an Italian restaurant in Downtown Fullerton. The food was so amazing and the atmosphere was electrifying! I took some of these photos with my friends (which I show in most of my posts because I’m always out and about with a girl friend and also because I love my friends!) But with that said, I used my friend’s iPhone 4G and I loved it!! It takes pretty nice pictures- better than the iPhone 3G. I have a Blackberry and I love the quality of the pictures I take with it but I was reconsidering and buying an iPhone 4. I’m not even going to ask you guys what you think because I know that the iPhone is way better, but if you want to leave feedback, give away :).

Dress: Target/ Belt: Lavender Label by Vera Wang/ Jewelry: No Brand

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One Response to iPhone 4G

  1. Vivi says:

    i LOVE the blonde hair!!! ^_^ xx mwah

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