London Day 3

London 452 1
London 425
London 426
London 428
London 432
London 434
London 441
London 439
“The American-Pose” :))
London 449
London 457
London 452 2

Hey everyone! So This was my last day in London and it was the most sad day of my Europe trip- since I love London so much! I had a blast and it was time to go visit my uncle in Glasgow and see the city which was also beautiful. Above I posted two pictures of two taxi cars and they were so cute! I loved the Daisy advertisement and I thought the Jack Daniel’s was awesome; I didn’t even know that United Kingdom sold American Whiskey. I will be posting the Glasgow photos soon.

Jacket: Bershka/ Jeans: FishBone/ Purse: Forever 21/ Shoes: Steve Madden

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  1. Awesome pictures!xoxo,

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