London Day 2

London 122
London 118
I always switched shoes because the heels were too much for the whole day hehe.
London 127
London 126
London 192
London 197
London 150
London 289
London 185
London 228
London 214
London 338
London 367
London 382
London 383
London 387
London 399 2
London 395 3
London 281
London 259
London 455 11
London 455 16
London 455 32
London 455 45
London 455 30
The second day in London was the best!! We got to explore the entire city- well most, but it was so beautiful! I miss it so much, especially Buckingham Palace. The architecture is so intriguing and historic, every building has an interesting story. Well, enjoy!
Top:Pimpkie/ Blazer: Theory/ Jewelry & Heels: Forever21

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